Lilia – Jc – Tango in Berlin

Lilia-jc Lilia & Jens-Christian – Tango in Berlin

Lilia-jc Lilia & Jens-Christian Tango aus BerlinLilia and Jens-Christian (Jc) have been teaching at Tangoloft since the autumn of 2009. They are connected by their passion for Tango. As they share the same understanding for the essence of tango: the communication between the dance partners, this is at the centre of their dancing. The steps Lilia and Jens-Christian regard as working material and as a natural consequence of moving in a couple. Tango is a dance that will not be satisfied with just steps – to truly dance Tango together is like thinking together. The greatest challenge consists in creating this special connection, enabling both dance partners to relate to each other and focus so much on the shared Tango experience, that the individual steps become secondary. For Lilia and Jens-Christian Tango lives with the personality of the dancers, and therefore never loses its interest. Personality changes over time, as well as the Tango changes, reinventing itself constantly. Lilia and Jens-Christian strive to explore these diverse facets of the Tango together with their students.

In 2009, Lilia and Jens-Christian first met in a Milonga in Berlin.
Lilia was already teaching in Berlin for several years at this time, and found the special connection with Jens-Christian in Tango a sound basis for working together.

Jens-Christian already had taught Tango and Salsa in Denmark for several years.
Originally he had planned to stay only for a few months in Berlin, but upon meeting Lilia and finding an inspiring and harmonious Tango with her, he decided to stay.

Lilia and Jens-Christian love the traditional Tango as well as the constantly developing Tango Nuevo.

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